Del. Wilt's campaign literature claims he has represented the interests of the citizens of the 26th District. The truth is that he only represents the interests of the morally bankrupt Republican Party. He stands with Trump on locking children in cages, opposing teacher salary increases, gutting the health social safety net, eliminating protections for workers, pouring gasoline on a burning climate, ignoring the threat of gun violence and turning his back on those in need. He embraces the GOP's philosophy of "I got mine, now pull up the ladder of opportunity behind me."

With this record, it's no wonder he refuses to debate. Is this who we aspire to be in the 26th? On Nov. 5 you can send a message to the criminal Donald Trump by replacing Tony Wilt with Brent Finnegan. Brent is powered by the people and will represent them in Richmond, not the corporations or the party line.

Matthew Wade


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I wonder how much Matthew was paid by Brent? It has to be for favor because no right minded person would tell such lies for nothing...would they?


Boys, boys, boys. Don't you know how it works? Everybody wants a candidate from their party to support the party line but they also want a candidate from the other party to not support the party line. It's just that simple.


If I lived in Los Angeles, I wouldn't assume the majority of my neighbors wanted more gun freedoms and less abortions.


Does it ever occur to the leftists in Rockingham County that Tony Wilt might actually represent the majority in this district? They list all these items that are liberal talking points and assume everyone is on board. Brent Finnegan is not a mainstream Shenandoah Valley candidate.


This writer sounds like just another intolerant left wing extremist with poor critical thinking skills.


That's the truth. We all realize which political party is "morally bankrupt" and their mascot is a jacka$$.


Yes, the morally bankrupt party is the Demokkkrat party. The party of slavery, segregation, abortion, infanticide, and hate. The Demokkkrat party is pure evil.


Well Greg, that's what it sounds like because that's exactly what it is.


Well Matthew all your talking points that you've gotten from the main stream media are just liberal garbage. Children in cages??? Those photos you see were taken when obama was president. All the stuff you spout is diarreah of the mouth from the lying liberals. You all have nothing good to offer, so you just attack attack attack - and with lies I might say.


The majority of the voters in this district are conservative Matthew, and Tony has done an excellent job of representing our views in Richmond. I will be voting to send Tony back to Richmond on November 5th.

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