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As we approach the 19th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, we should never forget the loss of 2,977 innocent American lives. Many were simply at their desks and had no idea that Sept. 11 would be their last day on earth, while others such as brave first responders and the “let’s roll” passengers… Read more

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The board of visitors at James Madison University did the right thing by thoroughly reviewing and ultimately removing the institutional markers that honor three men who were traitors to our Constitution, sought to dismantle our country, and fought to establish an independent slavocracy in pe… Read more

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In response to M. Tembo's Fire Side: I simply don't recognize the country that Mr. Tembo describes. America today is similar to apartheid South Africa? The facts are that apartheid South Africa, like the Jim Crow South, was a de jure racist society. That has not been the case in America for … Read more

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Yes, tributes to Confederate soldiers are coming down all around the southern states. The “erasing our history” argument is pretty well worn at this point and it’s getting old. It also doesn’t hold water. I keep hearing that advocates of this kind of change are trying to re-write and erase h… Read more

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Taiichi Ohno, the Japanese engineer who led Toyota’s drive to improve the quality of its cars, taught that to really understand something, you often have to ask “why” at least five successive times. For example: Read more

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Let’s take another run at the question of what makes for good leadership in a time of crisis. I’ll begin with a simple question. If you were to be admitted to the hospital suffering from COVID-19, who would you want to treat you — a pulmonary specialist or the hospital administrator? Read more

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This is a true, bittersweet story. I have a friend whose adult daughter -- both a brilliant musician and person of deep faith -- directs a multiple choir program, involving a large number of children and youth, in a largely white Protestant Church. Recently, in solidarity with current concer… Read more

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In June, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi purged from our U.S. House of Representatives four portraits of former speakers. Read more

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Almost a year ago I attended the first meeting of our area’s Census 2020 Complete Count Committee. Since that meeting late last summer, we have worked together brainstorming ideas and strategies to get the most complete census count. We had the technology in place, the enumerators lined up a… Read more

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The need for housing for homeless persons in our city and county is chronic. One way to address this situation could be to provide a camping option. There are many homeless persons who would like an option to camp, but there are no "authorized" places. Therefore, they camp "illegally" and ri… Read more

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The World is in turmoil: wars, shooting, looting, burning cities, political upheaval, racial unrest, coronavirus pandemic, attempts to re-write our nation’s history. One wonders, and rightly so, where it will end. Or if it ever will. These are uncertain and desperate times. Read more

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On April 24, the Daily News-Record published an Open Forum entitled “Living Wage Needed Now More Than Ever.” A living wage is the amount that a single individual must earn hourly to afford their basic necessities, without public or private assistance. A Living Wage Certified Employer is one … Read more

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Webster’s Dictionary defines the term deja vu as “a feeling that one has seen or heard something before.” These past few weeks I have experienced that feeling, in a most unpleasant way. Read more

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Of course let’s remove the statue of General Lee and all Confederate soldiers. But let’s not put them in storage until some bureaucrat decides where to hide them. No, we need to take jack hammers to these offending inanimate objects and then put the pieces through cement crushers. Reduce the… Read more

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Both prominent anti-slavery crusader Theodore Parker in 1853 and Martin Luther King Jr. a century later spoke of the “arc of the moral universe bending toward justice.” Recent unrest over the death-by-strangulation of George Floyd has stirred up large sections of the “moral universe” -- or a… Read more

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The DN-R recently reported on a meeting of the Lake Shenandoah Stormwater Control Authority that attracted more than the usual number of residents wanting to share their concerns. Read more

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I recently attended a public hearing of the Lake Shenandoah Stormwater Control Authority regarding the proposed “fee” structure that will be used to charge only certain residents of Rockingham County. During the meeting, upwards of a dozen citizens spoke to their concerns about the stormwate… Read more