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Fortunately, throughout our history, the United States has been physically invaded by a foreign enemy very few times. However, we are under a dual attack on our soil at this moment by two adversaries seeking to destroy us. This time it is not an axis of evil comprised of hostile foreign nati… Read more

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Laws restricting abortions have so far proven to have only a limited effect, partly because they have unfairly focused almost entirely on women carrying unwanted pregnancies. So what if we enacted legislation that would place primary responsibility for such pregnancies on the men who cause them? Read more

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Constitution Day allows for Americans to reflect on the passage of the Constitution and how it affects our lives today. When the framers signed the document that would become America’s second Constitution, they had several intentions including writing a Constitution that would last the test … Read more

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Today, September 11 now designated as Patriot Day, it is appropriate that we reflect upon the many sacrifices Americans have made since that beautiful morning when almost 3,000 innocent American lives were lost. Read more

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Pat Buchanan, if you are going to criticize United States presidents, then be inclusive and not selective as you were in your recent DN-R (Aug. 25) Viewpoint. You cited Preside Carter’s ordeal with the attempted rescue of American citizens held hostage by Iran, but it’s more complicated as a… Read more

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On a recent visit to Elkins, W.Va., I took a walk through the Wees Historic District that encompasses a number of early 20th century houses, several with front porches. On one of them I saw a young couple with a baby and stopped for a chat. They were friendly and answered several questions I… Read more

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In 1922, Charles Wampler Sr. hatched his first 50 pullets, and thus the commercial poultry industry. Five years later, he went on to launch Wampler Feed and Seed Co. Fifty years later, there were nearly 1 million chickens in Rockingham County, giving rise to one of the agricultural industrie… Read more

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Everywhere I turn these days, I hear political pundits on the left lamenting the loss of past eras when there was more unity in the country and the political parties treated each other with more civility — in other words, before the rise of Republican populism. I’ve considered myself a progr… Read more

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Robert M. Gates served with distinction as secretary of Defense under Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. I served in the Pentagon under his tenure, and he was known to all as a pragmatic, deliberate and consensus-oriented leader who didn’t shoot from the hip. As a career CIA analyst… Read more

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I have a theory that those who oppose theories without examining them carefully are operating from a theory — examined or unexamined — of their own. This appears to be the default position of those Americans who justify their opposition to CRT by saying, “It’s only a theory.” In saying this … Read more

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For three nights, the Fulks Run Ruritan Lawn Party welcomed the community to its beautiful 55-acre park for a time of food, fun and fellowship. Although small in number, members of the Fulks Run Ruritan Club, along with the many wonderful volunteers, served up the traditional lawn party food… Read more

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The American Dream and Promise Act passed by a House vote of 228 to 197 on March 18. The American Dream and Promise Act forms part of President Joe Biden's sweeping immigration agenda. This bill has been stalled in the Senate since then. This would grant legal status, and ultimately citizens… Read more

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The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is important federal legislation that helps correct for the erosion of wages, benefits and worker protections that have occurred over the past four decades. By strengthening worker rights and protections, the PRO Act will put workers in a better… Read more

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There is congressional legislation that could have a serious, negative impact on a number of major industries that support Virginia’s vibrant economy, including farming and agriculture, particularly important to us in the Valley. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), prioritize… Read more

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The light bulb above the pulpit in a church burned out. After three months passed, the question was raised, "How many parishioners does it take to change the light bulb?" The answer is three: one to change the bulb and two who say they liked it the way it was. Read more

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With so many opinions, rumors, misinterpretations, conspiracy theories, skewed facts, etc., prevalent today, how can someone know what to believe who is trying to find out the truth about candidates, their positions on issues and accurate facts about any topic? This old schoolteacher recomme… Read more

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My wife and I own three rental apartments in Harrisonburg. In January 2021 I got a call from one of our tenants complaining of a ghoulish screeching sound coming from the shower. I had no idea what was causing it but did some online research. Read more