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The recent “debate” regarding “Second Amendment sanctuaries” at Spotswood High School dare not set a precedent for future matters brought before the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors. They timidly let angry shouts usurp what could have been an honest and rewarding debate. Anyone who wan… Read more

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I want to start by thanking Congressman Ben Cline for holding a town hall in Harrisonburg. He clearly takes constituent services seriously. With some important exceptions, I believe Mr. Cline when he says he wants to work across the aisle. The first exception involves Mr. Cline’s commitment … Read more

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Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., invited Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Ph.D., to come and speak. Jeffries, associate professor of history at the Ohio State University, titled his address “1619: An American Journey. 400 Years of Triumph and Tragedy.“ As a person of color, Jeffries had earned th… Read more

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After only three days of hearings and zero fact witnesses, Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment, sending them to the floor for a vote by the full House. A very sad day in the life of our great republic and one that will also haunt future Democrat presi… Read more

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To my neighbors in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Having lived in your midst for many years in both the city and county, I write to appeal to you to consider. We live, mostly peacefully, in a very diverse community. That disturbs some of us, makes us fearful. I think we all understand t… Read more

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In her Nov. 23 Viewpoint, “Whose Hand is Rocking the Cradle?”, Rita Dunaway encourages people to run for school board to limit access to books with LGBTQ characters and other diverse themes. This would constitute institutionalized censorship, and should be resisted strongly. All students, in… Read more

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The headline of the Dec. 7 editorial was "China Biggest Climate Change Culprit.” While it is true that China is currently the single largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2), is it really the biggest culprit? One definition of culprit is “the cause of a problem.” The severity of climate chang… Read more

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It has taken me awhile to get used to folks discussing religious, as well as social and political, issues in letters to the editor. I have just recently started to bring "religion" and "politics" together in my submissions ("The Religious Left," Sept. 13). Read more

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Have we become so used to hyperbole that we believe exaggeration is the only way to catch people's attention? Have we become so paranoid concerning hot topics that we fail to check the facts? Are we afraid to think for ourselves and question our tribe's position? Must we attribute the worst … Read more

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If you are swimming among the many fish in the ocean, ask one of the fishes: “How is the water?” “What water?” the incredulous fish is likely to respond. The fish will not be aware that it is swimming in water. I could not in good conscience resist responding to Rita Dunaway’s viewpoint: ”Th… Read more

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I teach at J. Frank Hillyard Middle School in Broadway, Va., and I am worried about our school’s lack of an adequate number of substitute teachers to fill vacancies when teachers have to take leave. The school division has taken many steps to attract substitute teachers, but we still do not … Read more

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With the new change of politicians in Richmond, it seems the chief executive and his new court think they have all the answers on how to save the world. Well if not the world, at least the Old Dominion. Some of us think not. Read more

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Recent news articles and a political party advertisement in the Daily News-Record describe and encourage a proposal to declare our county a “Second Amendment sanctuary,” as if we are surrounded by lawless and unconstitutional forces and that one part of the Constitution needs a place to hide… Read more

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The Virginia state legislature has “flipped” from a Republican majority to a Democratic majority. Changes in voter demographics were a factor, but just as decisive was the influx of out-of-state funding from sources such as Michael Bloomberg. As the Washington Post noted, “… his money helped… Read more

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Some may be tempted to dismiss the climate change-driven wildfires in California as a liberal state problem. But climate change doesn’t discriminate based upon political persuasion. Rather, it hurts us all. Read more

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A few things that should be pointed out regarding the movement among some Virginians — including many in our area — to resist “unconstitutional” laws concerning guns that they expect will be passed in the General Assembly this year, now that Democrats are in power there. Read more

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Harrisonburg city leaders are working to solve the complex problem of Harrisonburg High School overcrowding. The School Board, working with limits set by a previous City Council, is proposing that a second high school open for the 2022-23 school year (Plan A). The City Council vote is antici… Read more

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I'm responding to Rita Dunaway's viewpoint "Religious Freedom Still At A Crossroads," Nov. 9. I'm having difficulty reconciling some of the thoughts she expressed in light of what has been happening since before the formation of the United States of America and especially for the past four years. Read more