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I am continuously impressed by how many of my friends and I have arrived after several decades at such different sociopolitical positions, each of us imagining those with different positions as having been inordinately influenced by propaganda from the wrong side. I know they are intelligent… Read more

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I agree with Tom Reynolds ("Level Playing Field," DN-R April 16, 2021) that we need a level playing field for our electoral process. The question is, “What should it be?” In our free society, voting is not only an obligation, it also is a privilege. Read more

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Earth Day 2021 is a time of reflection for me. Fourteen years ago (May 29, 2007) the Daily News-Record printed “Stopping Global Warming” that I wrote. Since then, many people have worked hard to bring about the changes that are making a stable future more likely. What's happening nationally … Read more

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The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Living Wage Certification Program is a free and voluntary program to recognize employers who are paying their employees a living wage. We urge consumers to be patrons of these businesses, and encourage employers to adopt the program’s standards. Read more

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Imagine that your child (or grandchild) is playing in a children’s soccer league. When playing on an opponents’ field, the team members realize that their goal is a foot too narrow and 6 inches too low and that the field leading to it is on an uneven grade, familiar to the home team but a di… Read more

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For more than two decades, Dr. Seuss’ birthday has been celebrated on March 2 in schools across the nation as part of Read Across America Day — dedicated to the importance of reading and literacy. The day falls on Dr. Seuss’ birthday in honor of the impactful author, whose insightful books h… Read more

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On March 12, the DN-R published a cute but grossly misleading Open Forum from Mr. Art Copeland comparing government licensing of guns and cars. It mocks people who fear government licensing of guns will lead to gun confiscation, since government licensing of cars has not brought about confis… Read more

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Harrisonburg City Council is preparing to increase the real estate tax by as much as 15% at a time when so many taxpayers have lost their jobs or businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We may be facing a serious recession similar to the one experienced in 2008 when city revenues decreased … Read more

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I want to thank James R. Poplar III for his recent Open Forum “The Democrats’ Real Stance On Gun Control Is Now Open Kimono” (March 8) and his astute observations about how these Democrats are trying to take away our guns. Read more

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Recently, a friend and I had a conversation about the subject of unity — a much discussed topic these days. We wondered what unity means and whether it can be reached in the social environment of our nation now. We each acknowledged that a definition of unity was essential to its achievement… Read more

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If you farm in Rockingham County or the surrounding area, I encourage you to take part in a survey being conducted to gauge what Virginia farmers are doing voluntarily to conserve soil and improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read more

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Community college students and prospective students are facing substantial challenges right now. The pandemic has left many unemployed or underemployed. Trying to make ends meet while also navigating the process of matching existing skills, previous experience, and career aspirations to enro… Read more

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Accountability is defined as “The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.” A call for accountability has resulted in the second impeachment of the 45th president for “incitement of insurrection.” I do not condone what rioters did at the Capitol. But I am concerned that the va… Read more

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The melting pot is behind us, that metaphor for a culture that many of us grew up in, a culture that diminished minorities and ethnic cultures, encouraging them to dissolve into the vast sea of the American Dream. Read more

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The bold headline in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Jan. 21, read, "BIDEN SEEKS UNITY, HEALING." For many of us, that’s a hopeful vision. For others it seems like a pipe dream. As divided as we are, how can we possibly fulfill that vision? I want to address that question with a story f… Read more