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Some may be tempted to dismiss the climate change-driven wildfires in California as a liberal state problem. But climate change doesn’t discriminate based upon political persuasion. Rather, it hurts us all. Read more

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A few things that should be pointed out regarding the movement among some Virginians — including many in our area — to resist “unconstitutional” laws concerning guns that they expect will be passed in the General Assembly this year, now that Democrats are in power there. Read more

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Harrisonburg city leaders are working to solve the complex problem of Harrisonburg High School overcrowding. The School Board, working with limits set by a previous City Council, is proposing that a second high school open for the 2022-23 school year (Plan A). The City Council vote is antici… Read more

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I'm responding to Rita Dunaway's viewpoint "Religious Freedom Still At A Crossroads," Nov. 9. I'm having difficulty reconciling some of the thoughts she expressed in light of what has been happening since before the formation of the United States of America and especially for the past four years. Read more

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I’m writing because my husband has a condition that makes him “super” sensitive to any perfume smells, cleaning smells (certain ones) and other “scented” items. Anyone else having this problem? I know as I get older, I, too, am more sensitive to heavy perfumes and colognes. Read more

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On a recent trip to Alaska I was stunned to learn that much of the Trump family fortune originated in the 49th state. While visiting the restored Klondike gold-rush town of Skagway on the southeast Alaskan coast, I picked up a copy of the local newspaper in the town’s busy visitors center. T… Read more

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I can answer Bill Faw’s question about President Trump’s statement of loyalty. (“Question for Trump Voters,” Oct. 23). In a word — metaphor. Only a blubbering idiot would believe that if he murdered someone he would go free. If he did so he would go to jail and/or be executed. He knows this.… Read more

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Remember the skepticism about the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia was involved in a hacking of the Clinton/Democratic National Committee server and interfering in the election? When the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI learned of the hacking claim, they asked … Read more

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The World Series set me thinking about order, good conduct, and respect for rules versus chaos, bad behavior and the dissing of authority. Consider this. In baseball, the foul lines are clearly marked. The base lines are respected. Six umpires are strategically located to officiate the game … Read more

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I hope one of our readers who voted for Trump in 2016 can answer a simple but profound question. Let me set the framework and then ask the question. Read more

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What is the goal of sentencing a person to a lifetime in prison? Punishment for a heinous crime and/or to protect the community from a dangerous person would be goals most people would agree on. So why was a man sentenced to 170 years in prison in the Rockingham County Court in January of 20… Read more

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“Love compels us to respectfully and humbly show all high officials what the Word of God commands them, how they should rightfully execute their office… to punish the transgressors and protect the good; to judge rightly between a man and his fellows; to do justice to the widows and orphans a… Read more

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I have been canvassing for Brent Finnegan, the Democratic candidate for Virginia House, and April Moore, the candidate for Virginia Senate. I also canvassed last year — the difference in people’s responses has been remarkable, reflecting the shifting political landscape, influenced by the de… Read more

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Kudos to Luanne Santangelo, director of the Harrisonburg Department of Parks and Recreation, and Andrew “AJ” Morris and his staff at the Westover Pool! The renovations the city made to the pool, which included the addition of a splash park for children and resurfacing the Olympic pool and th… Read more

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Socialism in my understanding includes collective ownership of a group of society’s assets and an egalitarian distribution of benefits produced by these assets. It is the oldest economic system employed by homo sapiens. During our hunter gatherer period, from around 350,000 BCE to around 8,0… Read more

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Thank you for publishing my recent piece on 9/11 and why we should never forget the sacrifices of those who perished on the fateful day so that we remain free. As stated, I believe history will judge Ronald Reagan to be one of our greatest presidents for his ability to work across the aisle … Read more

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Chikomekome ca nkhuyu mkati muli nyerere: The nkhuyu fruit looks good on the outside but ants are eating it in the inside. – Tumbuka Proverb Read more