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On Presidents Day, suffering from the pain of a persistent toothache, an equally persistent heartache over the nonstop abuse of power and position by No. 45 and the pandering of some of our evangelical brethren to him, I decided to take a walk. For this I chose a course not previously taken … Read more

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On Monday at 7 p.m. at Elkton Elementary School, the Rockingham County School Board has the proposed pilot program for staggered start times for the Turner Ashby school district on its agenda. Beginning with the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, all schools in our district will pilot a program… Read more

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The open forum started out fine (“Drawn To The Ways Of The Dictator,” Feb. 17). “America’s greatest contribution to human civilization: the idea that rulers are answerable to the people. … No one is above the law..” Then Mr. Schmookler proceeds to employ the tactic that leftists are best at;… Read more

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It could be America’s greatest contribution to human civilization: the idea that the rulers are answerable to the people, and that they must wield their power according to the rules. Read more

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I run a home health agency in a rural area. We have a young woman who is paraplegic and bed-bound in her home. Her husband is in danger of losing his job due to the many days he’s had to take off work because her personal care aide didn’t show up. Read more

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I watched the impeachment process by the House of Representatives live over Fox News. The Democrats would present their "evidence," and then Republicans would show how their evidence was false by presenting the actual documents that the Democrats had referred to in their presentations. Read more

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As a participant in the Jan. 20 Lobby Day Second Amendment rally at the state Capitol, I write to share my perspective of that day with your readers. This seems necessary in view of the distorted coverage by the national media and the deliberate misconceptions generated by our state leadersh… Read more

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I have been reading letters in response to Rita Dunaway's Dec. 7 column, "The Myth of White Privilege," with interest. I have noted all but one writer vehemently disagreed with Ms. Dunaway. Only Douglas Wright agreed with her premise claiming, "America is a meritocracy." Read more

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In an attempt at "an honest and rewarding debate," James Atwood's phrase, I would like to offer a completion to his Open Forum ("Sanctuary Counties And Gundamentalism," Jan. 17). It became clear that more was said by his omissions. It is not my intent to question his motivations, be it brevi… Read more

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Some people point to China’s current high CO2 emissions as an excuse for American inaction in addressing climate change. It’s the whiny teenager argument. “If China’s leaders let that nation pollute the atmosphere, why can’t America?” For the same reason responsible parents wouldn’t let thei… Read more

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I write to voice my strong opposition to the proposed joint city and county plan to tear down the historic Denton building on Court Square and replace it with either parking or court offices. Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the ongoing revitalization of Harrisonburg’… Read more

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The Senate trial of Donald Trump is underway. The universal expectation is that all, or nearly all, of the Republicans in the Senate will vote to acquit the president, rather than to remove him from office. Read more

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According to the Virginia Employment Commission, by 2026, Virginia needs to fill 2.6 million jobs that will require more than a high school diploma, but less than a bachelor’s degree. A proposal currently in the General Assembly, G3 (Get a Skill, Get a Job, Give Back), charts a strategic pat… Read more

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At the beginning of 2020, I am thinking about our nation and the bewildered state in which we currently find ourselves. As I ponder this, I remember a very good mother I know, who, when faced with some mischievous behavior on the part of her children (and, on occasion, her husband) would say… Read more