Webster’s Dictionary defines the term deja vu as “a feeling that one has seen or heard something before.” These past few weeks I have experienced that feeling, in a most unpleasant way.

Back in 1975, I was a young naval officer. The nation had endured a gut-wrenching war that tore the country apart. At the time, I supported what I thought was a just war. Later, I became disillusioned, having learned that President Johnson had fabricated the Tonkin Gulf incident as a pretense for our entry into Vietnam.

After Vietnam, many Americans began to distrust our government and question authority. As a result of our self-loathing and distrust of the government and its agencies, America underwent a long period of self-examination and groveling atonement in an attempt to right its previous wrongs.

One of these efforts was the “U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.” Officially, this select Senate committee was formed in 1975 and investigated abuses by the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI and IRS. It was informally known as the “Church Commission” after Sen. Frank Church, the lead Democrat representing Idaho.

So why am I feeling deja vu for an event that occurred almost 50 years ago? It is because of the continuous attempts orchestrated by the Democratic Party over the past last three years to weaken or to remove President Trump, mostly by unlawful means and outright deception. We can now compare the sworn testimony of the disgraced Director of National Intelligence Clapper and CIA Director Brennan, among others, against what they explicitly stated in numerous televised interviews. Not even their handpicked special prosecutor found any trace of “collusion,” nor the slightest indication that President Trump was a “Russian agent.”

That Obama and Biden perverted our own intelligence and law enforcement agencies to spy on American citizens for political gain is shameful -- every American regardless of political party should be appalled. Their relentless prosecution and subsequent “unmasking” of Flynn -- who joined the Army to “fight Russia” and dedicated 33 years of his life to a stellar career of military service -- should alarm every American citizen. I surmise that it was no accident that the day after VP Biden requested that Flynn be unmasked, his name appeared in the Washington Post.

The U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, created to combat external Islamic terrorism, was routinely abused by the FBI, which knowingly broadcast the false information contained in the almost completely fictional “Steele dossier” provided to them by the Clinton campaign.

Yes, the Church Commission took place in another era. But the words of its chairman still echo what we have experienced for the last three years. Again, those we trust to keep us free have instead wrongly used and ignored the restraints of the Constitution. As Church stated in 1975, “… each time the means we use are wrong, our inner strength, the strength which makes us free, is lessened."

James Poplar lives in Quicksburg.

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Durham is coming...


You state " that Obama and Biden perverted our own intelligence and law enforcement agencies to spy on American citizens for political gain is shameful -- every American regardless of political party should be appalled" as if it were well-accepted fact. What is your proof that this statement is true?


Read the IG Report.


I think your copy may have had things written between the lines that mine did not.


The IG Report revealed that the Steele dossier was used to open a FISA on Carter Page before the information was verified and that Page was spied on as supposedly being a foreign agent.


Plenty of proof revealed if you truly want to Acknowledge it ... and soon there will be more to see and read.


Excellent letter James!


Nice propaganda letter, James. Care to comment on the latest evidence of Trump's subservience to Vladimir Putin as we learn that Trump went golfing while Putin put a bounty on the lives of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan?

(Crickets.... just like Trump's response)

James Poplar

"Canoe 12" Lets let the facts speak for themselves, to wit: The Defense Department has stated "that there is “no corroborating evidence” to support the New York Times report last week that said the Russian military offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan."

Jay Zehr

Yeah, a Pentagon spokesman who’s been in the position since May and was appointed after the post-impeachment loyalty purge started. And McEnany originally made a contradictory statement. It’s also hard to have confidence the Administration is sincere in getting this cleared up when amazingly they only brought in Republican Congressmen for the first briefing. After which Republicans Liz Cheney and Mac Thornberry said, “After today’s briefing with senior White House officials, we remain concerned about Russian activity in Afghanistan, including reports that they have targeted U.S. forces.” You have Sky news reporting this has been confirmed by British officials. And you have a completely different excuse from Cornyn who isn’t saying it didn’t happen, but that everyone already knew about it. So, it’s way early to say “let the facts speak for themselves.” The Republicans certainly didn’t do that with Benghazi.

Jay Zehr

My mistake—Hoffman‘s been at the Pentagon since 2019. Still, a lot of confusion here that’s not cleared up by his statement.

Jay Zehr

And the full statement from the Pentagon also includes: “The Department of Defense continues to evaluate intelligence that Russian GRU operatives were engaged in malign activity against United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan.” So, not a settled case yet.


Only dimwits feed on the sh*t put out by the NYT and WP.

Jay Zehr

Corroborated by the Wall Street Journal:



Since that story, the WSJ has published three other articles that do not corroborate the bounty narrative.


Dearest Canoe12, even if Russia was paying the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers, what exactly is President Trump supposed to do about it? Start a war with Russia? Drop a nuke on Moscow? Are you naive enough to think the CIA doesn't pay operatives to kill other foreign nationals? I can assure you they do. And if our Government plays those games, don't you think others will do the same to us? Where's the smoke, where's the fire?

You liberals have cried wolf too many times against President Trump for any thinking person to believe anything you say about him, ever.

Try a little truth and honesty for a change.


Dad aka Pretzelman aka bb. The least Dr. Trump could have done was to let the world and Putin know, he knew what was going on. Dr. Trump has threatened several countries of tightening sanctions on them, so why doesn't he say he is going to clamp down on Russia? I'll be willing to bet, Dr. Trump ( after he is no longer President or after he gets out of jail) will build a Trump Building in Russia. You sound like it is alright for Russia to kill our boys because you think we do the same. Of course, you don't care for the military's safety, because you have never been put in the situation of you or any of you family being the target while in war. Isn't it troublesome to you in the last 2 weeks, Dr. Trump has had to defend his "Senior Moments" of walking, drinking water and now wondering does he read? If the Daily Briefing was Golf Magazine, I bet Dr. Trump would read every page. Tell me the good news, Dr. Trump and Mr. Pence keep suggesting to us about the "Virus". 128,000 dead, Dr. Trump and Mr. Pence are saying they are doing a great job with the "Virus". Looks like the Republican'ts are, after months, have decided it is a good idea to wear masks. Even Dr. Trump claims he is now leaning to the wearing of masks but I bet he won't. Liberals don't have to say anything about Dr. Trump, he is doing a great job of mishandling everything about the "Virus" and still claiming the "Virus" will magically disappear. He's been saying that for months now. After saying the "Virus" was going to magically disappear I couldn't make up my mind whether to still call him Dr. Trump or Cleo Trump. Dad, since you are Pretzelman, how do you think Dr. Trump will explain why he didn't read the briefing and know the Russians were doing this? Whether the intelligence was spotty, I think a normal American would have asked some questions, since it was Russia supposedly doing this. Dad, Sleep well!


Schiff knew back in February and did not tell the rest of the Intel committee.


Excellent post Bishop. Right on the money.


Dearest Son (aka Driller), as Programmer pointed out, psycho Dem. Rep. Schiff knew about the dubious intelligence reports back in February, so let me connect the dots for you. That means Pelosi, Schumer, and other members of the Democrat leadership knew about them as well so anything you allege against the President applies to the Democrat leadership too. Moreover, don't you think if there were any legs to this story that the Dems would have brought it forward back then to attack President Trump, especially after their impeachment hoax backfired so badly? The answer is yes, they certainly would have, which means what? Which means there is nothing there and that these allegations against President Trump are just a big pile of Democrat Schiff.

Wise up, young whippersnapper, remove your head from Biden's posterior and use some Charmin to wipe his Schiff off your TDS-afflicted eyes. This story is about as believable as Hillary's purchased Steele dossier.


Programmer and St. Prodigal, thank you for your support.

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