After only three days of hearings and zero fact witnesses, Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment, sending them to the floor for a vote by the full House. A very sad day in the life of our great republic and one that will also haunt future Democrat presidents when there is a Republican majority in the House -- payback time will surely come.

This represents the Democrats' vain attempt to finally achieve the top item on their policy agenda for the past three years: to reverse the results of the 2016 election. Resistance and not governance has been an ongoing effort since day one of the Trump presidency and has been destined for failure from the beginning.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee continue to fail the American people by voting out two unproven articles of impeachment against the president after only three days of hearings and zero fact witnesses. No matter how hard they try, they cannot prove that the president committed high crimes or misdemeanors as required by Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution. Instead, the evidence shows four indisputable facts that will never change: both President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelenskiy have said there was no pressure on the July 25 call; there was no conditionality of aid in the call summary; the Ukrainians were not aware that aid was withheld when the presidents spoke; and Ukraine still received aid and a meeting with President Trump without taking any action. The claim that the president abused his power has not been proven. In fact, the only abuse of power is by Speaker Pelosi and her caucus as they try to remove the duly elected president from office and overturn the will of 60 million Americans.

The articles also argue that the president has obstructed Congress. The majority suggests that because President Trump has sought judicial review regarding his claims of executive privilege involving the possible testimony of his closest advisers, he has circumvented the law and Congress. We live in a country where the rule of law still exists, and to claim that availing himself of the courts is the equivalent of obstruction of Congress is ridiculous.

This partisan impeachment circus has been flawed from the very beginning. At every turn, both congressional Republicans and President Trump have been denied fairness and due process. While transcripts of the testimony in the Intelligence Committee were eventually made public, most Judiciary Committee members were not able to watch the hidden proceedings, question witnesses, or ensure the accuracy of the transcripts. Chairman Schiff at times ordered witnesses not to answer Republican questions, lied about his contact with the whistleblower, and surreptitiously obtained phone records of members of Congress and the press. Hearsay, speculation, and inferences are not enough to remove a sitting president.

It is time for this charade to end and move the country forward.

James Poplar lives in Quicksburg.

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If the Senate Republicans do their jobs this whole impeachment sham will end in about a week after they vote to dismiss the impeachment charges for lack of prosecution.


This letter is little more than a repetition of “talking points” used by Trump and his associates to declare the president above the law. The letter begins by criticizing the lack of “fact witnesses” -- the Republican way of asserting that witnesses were not close enough to the action to know the truth of what happened. Each witness, however, brought pieces of evidence that indicated Mr. Trump’s desire to have Ukraine assist his re-election campaign. Moreover, recent revelations about redacted memos indicate that more evidence has been withheld by the White House. Of course, staff members who have a more complete view of the situation have also been withheld from testifying to Congress.

Of the “four indisputable facts” listed in the letter, only one is truly a fact: Zelenskiy did say he was not pressured by Trump. Personally, I think that was a polite response to the president, who was sitting beside Zelinskiy when this question was posed, but I agree the statement was made. The “fact” that there was no conditionality evident in the call summary is actually an opinion; different people reviewing the full transcript have arrived at different conclusions. The statement that Ukraine was unaware of funds being withheld when the two presidents spoke has been refuted by several witnesses. Finally, the fact that the White House released funds before a Biden investigation was begun is irrelevant to this discussion. The issue is whether Trump illegally threatened to withhold funds until Ukraine assisted his campaign , not whether everything turned out OK in the end.

Finally, the suggestion that Trump has not obstructed Congress, but has merely sought judicial review of his executive privilege claims is the most recent, widely-circulated, incorrect excuse for Trump forbidding his staff members from testifying.. Most of the cases submitted by Trump’s people for review involve the president’s financial statements, not testimony by his staff. Also, he has been claiming for at least six months that his aides should not testify; why wait until now to put this to judicial oversight?


You're like a dog with a bone .... keep snarling and inventing your faux facts (slanted bureaucrat-like opinions) but the gig is up and the babykins democrats need to be banished from Congress, but these people got in because of irrational & ignorant constituents.


Projection this is...


This brought to you by the committee to reelect Donald J. Trump? I wonder how the recently unredacted e-mails will alter this situation. From the WSJ itself, Emails Show Pentagon Official’s Concerns Over Ukraine Aid Freeze.


It's not working, Wheel'ho - Nan is sitting on the articles like an old mama buzzard sitting on a bad egg hoping it will hatch.

And she'll have similar results.


Good metaphor. I think it's more likely she's thinking, "Why didn't these people listen to me?"


I wonder if the bureaucrat wet him/herself woreying about something that was none of his concern.


Not one damm bit!


Mr. Poplar, you are spot on, but as long as petulent, childish politicians populate the mega-liberal Democrat party, these type follies will continue to be waged out of simple revenge fueled by sick narcissistic rage: They want their cale and eat it too!


This entire impeachment witch hunt has backfired on the Demokkkrats. If Pelosi ever sends the articles of impeachment over to the Senate (which is still in doubt) President Trump will be quickly acquitted. Meanwhile, the economy and the stock market continue to hum right along. Just because these Demokkkrats are evil doesn’t make them smart.

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