I walk out of Walmart fuming, trembling. I’m so mad. No. I shake my head. Not mad. Livid. But I can’t say a word. I fear for my safety. I want to teach my children to be “bigger,” to be kind. It’s truly an act of self-restraint.

I was in there for five minutes and counted four people not wearing their masks over their noses. Three of them were elderly or overweight, at greater risk of death due to COVID-19 and more likely to use significant resources if they become ill.

I counted two fathers with young children, none of whom were wearing masks. They walked around with a mask of defiance instead, ignorant, arrogant bliss. The next generation taught to ignore science, ignore experts, think only of themselves, even when it hurts — no, kills — others. Is this what American now is?

An ambulance siren blares in the background. It’s headed across the street to Sentara RMH Medical Center.

Last week my physician spouse was notified of the number of ICU beds or lack thereof. Not just at Sentara, but in all of Virginia.

What kind of people refuse to wear masks? Can’t be bothered with a minimal inconvenience that could save someone’s life? Christians? Republicans? No. I shake my head again. They can’t be. Christians treat others with Christlike love and compassion. Republicans are the party of personal responsibility.

Non-mask-wearers believe themselves to be more intelligent than experts who have dedicated their entire lives to medicine, science, saving, helping. Five minutes on Google apparently tops decades of study and practice. They are arrogant and ignorant, self-righteous.

Experts are not infallible, but they are our best bet.

Maybe non-mask-wearers don’t care about the people their selfishness impacts because they can’t see the sick and dying. They don’t experience the consequences of their actions.

I’m not in the hospital. I don’t see COVID patients either. I do see my physician spouse, though, and I’m concerned. I’m helpless.

Non-mask-wearers neglect their personal responsibility to their neighbors and to America. Their arrogance and selfishness will force my spouse to ration resources. It will force my spouse to carry the emotional burden of unnecessary death.

It’s one thing for a patient to die once a physician has done everything they can, with ample resources. Usually, a physician is comforted knowing that they did all they could. Maybe the death was just part of God’s plan.

COVID is different. This is different.

Medical providers will blame themselves. But it’s not their fault.

It’s not the medical providers who kill COVID patients.

It’s the anti-science politicians and their non-mask-wearing minions. They are COVID’s accomplice. They have failed their Christian principles, their political party and America itself.

If only non-mask-wearers could see the faces of the dying, of their families when they get the news.

Shame on them.

Shame on what they’ve done to America, to our people, to our economy, to our medical workers, to us.

How will our health care workers and their families carry the burden?

Hilary Moore lives in Mount Crawford.

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Ms. Moore is a victim of the mass hysteria generated by the corporate media, so she is probably not to be blamed for her conditioned response. I suspect that campaign will soon come to an end as it has served its purpose and she can stop living in fear for and of her husband contracting the Wuhan virus – though there will still be all those other bugs people bring into a hospital or doctor’s office.


The ICU at Sentara is full of people who are die hard mask wearers. I'd bet my last dollar at least 90% of them wears masks all day long. These are the ones who keep those germ catchers on their faces all day long and are breathing them in and out all day long. If you're not wearing a medical grade mask and changing it every 5-10 minutes, you are setting yourself up to be the next Covid patient. But don't worry, you are far more likely to die from an elephant trampling your car on Port Republic Rd on your way to your doctors office than you are from Covid. I wear a mask only when I am required and replace it every 10 minutes until I am no longer required to wear one.


Since Trump has turned the GOP into the party of ignorance, science is now optional. Mask wearing is recommended by all health organizations, but wingnuts know better!


Ms. Moore.....obviously you have disregarded the laws of physics that clearly show that your "bandana", "cloth mask", "homemade mask", and just about any other mask available to the general public is absolutely useless...except they does keep people like you from falsely accusing mask-less people of being "killers."


The very best medical grade masks filter 99.97% of particles that are *larger* than .3 microns. Coronavirus particles range from 0.06-.14 and no mask is stopping particles that small from easily passing through them. Masks are beyond useless at stopping coronavirus particles. If they make you feel better about yourself, go for it, wear them, but you are delusional if you think wearing them will stop coronavirus particles from passing into or out of your lungs.


Ahh, speaking of the scientifically ignorant, here’s a specimen, right on cue! Coronavirus particles don’t travel alone; they adhere to water droplets that are captured by masks.


Yeah, and when the CDC tried to prove that was the reason masks work, they discovered that over 80% of the infected people they studied reported wearing masks religiously while 20% of the infected people reported never or rarely wearing masks. Keep swinging, brother. Keep getting your nonsense from the brainwashing fake news media and I'll keep sources like CDC reports. Keep that germ catcher pinned to your face all day.


When you don't know what you are talking about, it's best to stop talking. Try it.

R B Tate

Calm down woman. And get your groceries delivered by Instacart.


Okay Driller, so you're pretending to be a woman now? Have you no shame sir?

Happy New Year to you my woefully misguided, and sheep-like Brother! I wish you well in your search for Truth.


prod, keep on deflecting. You have no response to this ladies post, so your usual is to blame me for the article. I agree with her completely. You people have complained about shutting down the economy, but you have not tried to do anything but complain. Be smarter , WEAR a MASK, if not for yourself but for the health care workers. Have a great day my camel dung smoking friend.


Good morning Driller, and thank you once again for your exceptionally kind and gracious words! I wish you a very joyous, healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year my fearful, paranoid, Marxist Brother.

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