Despite Joe Biden’s frequent calls for unity and healing, the Democratic Party has been preparing for months for the possibility of a Trump reelection with threats of widespread violence and anarchy in our major cities. Witness the recent actions of antifa during the recent pro-Trump rally in D.C. on Nov. 14. Antifa is the same group that Joe Biden referred to as merely an “idea.”

Unfortunately, many far-left Democrats have now proven to be vengeful and vindictive in their perceived victory as the “deplorables” they had previously been lecturing on civility.

Even before the election, Robert Reich, a former United States secretary of labor under President Obama, declared on Twitter, “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

If “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” sound familiar, they are employed in non-democratic places such as Rwanda and Chad, where the government’s policies must also become yours, even if they have to be beaten into you. Is this any way to mend fences after a contentious election?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also calling for lists to be kept of Trump supporters so that they can be ostracized and otherwise punished when the election is over. As she recently tweeted, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

Then there’s Jennifer Rubin, the once conservative Washington Post columnist. According to Rubin, “those who support the president should never be allowed to hold public office, serve on corporate boards, or participate in other avenues of society.”

The radical left continues to be egged on by the mainstream Democratic Party and thus given “top cover.” This despite repeated warnings from BLM and antifa that they would resort to violence if they did not get their way politically. Well before the summer riots began, a Bernie Sanders “field organizer” said that cities would burn if Sanders lost the Democratic nomination (Bernie lost and, yes — cities burned). The same “Bernie Bro” stated that there would be “gulags” for dissidents, which he said would be used to indoctrinate them into believing in communism. If the Democratic Party doesn’t disavow such extremism, then it is just as bad as it claims Trump is. Antifa should call itself anti-free because that’s the way it behaves.

If America is to heal, we must put aside our differences to work together as a nation — regardless of our political affiliation and beliefs. Threats of recrimination and intimidation do not resolve any of the problems we face as a nation or here in the Valley, nor will they make us better citizens. The key to repairing our nation is not force or coercion, but healthy dialogue to settle our differences like intelligent adults.

James R. Poplar III lives in Quicksburg.

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Speaking of olive branches, I like how Biden's incoming Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O'Malley Dillon in her first public statementy referred to Republicans as a "bunch of f***ers". There is nothing as cordial and refreshing as a high ranking Biden staffer using such pleasant terms to describe the opposition as team Biden strives to unify our Country. Just imagine what kind of hope and change the next four years came bring....

James Poplar

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended Biden campaign manager and incoming deputy chief of staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon after she called Republicans a "bunch of f---ers." Again so much for extending that olive branch and working across the aisle ...


Mr Poplar and queenie...what hypocrites you are..where was your outrage when Trump supposedly called Nikki Haley the "C"word or Kaepernick a "SOB"

Where is your outrage over Steve Bannon saying Dr. Fauci and Chris Wray should be beheaded and their heads stuck on spikes and displayed at the White House?

Where is your outrage over Pastor Rick Wiles saying Democrats and journalists should be lined up ad shot?

Where is your outrage over Wiles saying Democrats will be hunted down if Trump is removed from office?

Where is your olive branch?


Satan aka cheetah(Tarzans Buddy), Seems like you need to use the "F" bomb. This makes 3 times in the last couple of weeks you have used it. Why are you doing this? What are parents going to tell their kids, when the kids read this post, and ask their parents what the "F" means, that you keep using. It couldn't be any worse than the last four years. At least he might not call for his political rivals to be put in jail.


Gee, suddenly it's revealed that Hunter Biden -is- under investigation and that fact is not "Russian disinformation".

Shazam !


Satan aka Cheetah(Tarzans Buddy) I do realize you will try to blame Biden for Con Don's total incompetence on the "Virus". I will remind you, this makes the second Republican President in a row that has left the Democrat President a recession to deal with!! I don't think Biden's team is going to end the "Virus" very soon with 2,000 or 3,000 people dying a day. If Con Don would just tell his loyal supporters to wear a mask he could help slow down the "Virus". Con Don is doing everything he can to make a Biden Presidency get off to a bad start. I can't believe you tried to shame LVW and Sheridan about You having a CJ with the cheerleaders. Looks like with your rant, you forgot about the kids that read this post, how will the parents answer when their kids say what does that "F" word mean that bishopsboy has in his post. I can't believe a good "Christian" man, like you profess to be, would do that! What a hypocrite!! Keep going with the grift, even SCOTUS doesn't believe the Republican'ts in their lawsuit. I'll remind you Con Don nominated three of them. Looks like the Texas Attorney General is looking for a pardon from Con Don by bringing a lawsuit to negate four other states votes. I bet this will over turn the election for Con Don. Just remember when you remind me of Biden's shortfalls, what Con Don left him with....6.9% unemployment, 289,000 Americans dead because of the "Virus and Con Don's incompetence, millions out of work, hospitals stretched to the limit along with the health care workers being worn out, and bread lines miles long. Con Don said the "Virus" will not be heard of after Nov.4, like the majority of what he has said about the "Virus" he was WRONG!!


Dearest Traitor, it’s time to get some cheese to go with your whine!!! Now that the tables are turned and I’m applying the same standards to Biden that you did to President Trump you’re crying like a little schoolgirl who got her feelings hurt – boo-hoo. Too bad, you’re going to get 4 more years of it so get used to it. I do think it’s funny, your idiot Biden keeps publicly copying President Trump’s plan to deal with the virus just like he plagiarized it during the first debate. But that’s not surprising since Biden has no plan other than to follow the Trump plan.

LVW and Susan shamed themselves; I merely pointed out their vulgarity.

My quote with “f***” was taken from Biden’s bed buddy Zero who threw him under the bus. It’s sad Zero uses terms like that and thinks so lowly of Biden’s abilities. Take you complaints to Zero.

You need to blame the Chinese for the China virus and its associated deaths. The Chinese commies infected everyone with it and are evil just like Democrats because both groups are communists.


Satan aka Cheetah(Tarzans Buddy), I'm not whining , but I am telling you the facts!!! We know you are like Con Don, not afraid to abuse the facts, in other words LIE. Will you still support opening up the Country to get the economy running, as you were to try to save Con Don's Presidency? What plan has Dr. Trump had? Sneak to the golf coarse and be sure not to see anyone? At least Biden encourages people wear a mask and social distance. If Dr. Trump would have told his loyal supporters that he would wear a mask and they need to wear a mask too, we won't be leading the world in cases and deaths from the "Virus". Don't try to use a supposed quote from someone else to try to excuse your vulgarity. You're the( I could say stupid idiot, but I won't ) that wrote it on this post. Twice. You are as vulgar as anyone on this site. What a hypocrite!! You do realize that the last two Republican't Presidents have left us in a Recession. You know what I said is true and you can only try to spin it, but without any success. Yes, the Chinese are to blame for the beginning of the "Virus", but Dr. Trump and the Republican'ts are to be held accountable for the thousands of deaths, that have happened in the Country. BTW, are you willing to die to try to over turn the election as Ali Alexander in Arizona is?The Arizona GOP wants you to think about it. Are you willing to die? He is. Are You? This shows who the Party of Evil is, the Republican't Party. If they don't like what election officials have counted and certified,they threaten them with death threats, both Democrats and Republican'ts. Hopefully, some Republican'ts will get a spine and stand up to Con Don. Keep eating your cheese to go with your WHINE!


You’re whining....


I sense a whole lotta ignorance


Newshound, I myself, hope he doesn't leave and keeps proclaiming he is the President after Biden is sworn in. Chuck or Nancy won't have to do anything, but laugh out loud as Con Don is escorted off the grounds by the military. If Con Don is stupid enough to try this, he will find out a PRIVATE citizen is not welcomed in the White House!! Regardless of what he says.


The military would be there to protect and defend President Trump, the true election winner anyone with sense, concern and a conscience would know. The liberal Dems are the enemy!


Nope, not your enemies, but your fellow Americans. Calm down.

Those with sense, concern, and conscience believe a 39-1 record in the courts when evidence is required. Newsy, you're being misled. It's a scam. Cry voter fraud and rigged elections every year so new restrictions on voting can be mandated. Solving a problem that doesn't exist, that is wholly constructed from a lie is immoral and unpatriotic. Time to give up this myth.

And... the military is sworn to defend the constitution, not take illegal orders from the President.


Newshound, You need to quit watching all those ignorant right wing shows , if you truly believe the military will let Con Don stay at the White House, I think you are wrong. I truly hope he tries to remain at the White House after Biden is sworn in as President, that would truly be bad for the Country, but would be funny to watch.


You have lost it.


Traitor, this is just another liberal fantasy that will not happen. President Trump has already said if the Electoral College chooses Biden, he will peacefully step aside on January 20th. Whether you like it or not, President Trump will always be President Trump from now until eternity, leaving office will not change the fact that he has been a great U.S. President.

I can assure you, if Biden does "win" in the Electoral College, I for one will not refer to him with the term "President" because of the illegitimacy and fraud surrounding his election. Mr. Biden will NEVER be my President regardless of whether he sits in the Oval Office; we will be a country without a legitimate President for the next four years from my perspective and in the eyes of 74 million other Trump voters and their families.

This is why many have said Biden should be calling for full investigations of any election fraud, but he has not. Now he'll have the albatross of illegitimacy hanging around his neck. Too bad. He should have chosen better.


BB, I do not doubt your sincere belief in Mr. Trump or that he is, in your eyes, the “Greatest” president ever. Your comment is more like a rabid sports fan than a concerned citizen. In that context, you are welcome to believe what you wish.

If you are talking politics or policy, your view is perfectly upside down. Mr. Trump is the worst President in history, proudly and stubbornly uninformed, loudly and proudly vain, and only concerned with his self-interest, brand name, and wealth. It’s upside down because working in government is public service. Mr. Trump literally and figuratively has no business in public service.

A couple of points. Mr. Biden has won the Electoral College. Seventy-four million votes are one of the largest vote totals for a presidential candidate in history. So is 81 million. The logic that 74 million “legal votes” trump 81 “illegal votes” is upside down. Beyond that, the most tragic number is the 288,970 Americans who lost the opportunity to vote because they died first.

Mr. Biden has no interest in investigating voter fraud because that is a wing nut fantasy (with a long and colorful history). Mr. Biden (no liberal he) is more interested in fixing problems that exist. You and I will both have bones to pick with his decisions and policies, but at the very least, he will have an interest in governance. Mr. Trump is fruit of the tree of rebellion and rebels have no interest in building things, only tearing them down.


Dearest bkn, your post is complete nonsense.

1. President Trump has done many great thing to build up this country: Middle East peace deals, lowest unemployment of all minority groups ever, Operation Warp Speed, destroyed the ISIS caliphate, bringing our troops home from endless wars, etc.

2. The Electoral College has not voted yet so Mr. Biden has not won the Presidency yet, although in all likelihood, he will.

3. We have surveillance tapes of Democrats running thousands of fraudulent ballots pulled out of hidden suitcases through the counting machines at the State Farm Arena after the Republican poll watchers were sent home. We have 2.5 million mail in ballots (only 1.8 million were mailed out) in PA that were unconstitutionally counted.

4. Mr. Biden has no interest in investigating voter fraud because he has been its beneficiary.

5. Mr. Biden is no longer cognitively capable of solving problems. He belongs in an institutionalized mental care unit.


BB, President Trump has indeed accomplished those tasks you’ve listed, but by any historical standard, they all could be considered low hanging fruit. America is a huge ship of state, and all of that is what could be accomplished on cruise control, or in Mr. Trump’s case, by a co-pilot.

The term “President-Elect” is not an official title either, but countries are not ruled by laws alone. There are norms, rules, conditions, and common courtesies that enable the greatest nation on earth to maintain its status as the world's best example of a democratic republic.

Affidavits of observed suspicions have not been accepted by courts of law anywhere, save in one instance. This particular reference is to the normal handling of vote counting in Georgia. Failure to understand how each state handles voting and counting procedures is not an excuse to make false accusations. It is not a function of the constitution to proscribe the manner of voting and counting; that would be up to each state and locality.

Mr. Biden has no interest in wasting time on problems that don’t exist.

Mr. Biden has a speech impediment. It’s a fallacy to diagnose mental disease from afar.

Merry Christmas.


Trump has been a national embarrassment as President. I do not have the time to list all the negative adjectives that describe him. I wish him luck in his next reality TV show, though. And maybe he'll now have time to take a remedial writing class to improve his tweets.


Dear bkn, regarding Mr. Biden's "speech impediment", I've known many people with real speech impediments and never once has one of their impediments cause them to refer to black children as "roaches", to say that they joined the Senate 180 years ago, to forget whether they are running for President or Senator, to forget what state they are in, to confuse who is heading their political party's ticket, to forget what the Declaration of Independence says, and so on. These things have nothing to do with stuttering and everything to do with dementia and cognitive decline. Mark my words, in less than 4 years, Mr. Biden will be former President Biden confused and frustrated in a memory care unit somewhere as his dementia has progress to the point where it can't be hidden any longer..


Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too, bkn.


Satan aka Cheetah(Tarzans Buddy) Like it or not, Con Don will always be known as one of the few Presidents to be impeached. What a great President, he left office with less people working than when he took over, unemployment at 6.9%, bread lines miles long, and over 289,000 Americans dead from a "Virus" that showed his total incompetence. We're lucky that your perspective doesn't matter, since Putin is your President, you are a Russian Troll. Think about the over 80 million people that did vote for Biden and are glad Dr. Trump heard the words "You're Fired". How much more do you want the courts and state election boards to do, to show you Con Don lost the election? Show some evidence in court instead of your main lawyer just farting!! Even Republican election officials say Con Don LOST. Keep listening to Con Don and go with the grift.


Dearest Driller, you do understand that after January 20th, any new China virus infections and deaths are on Biden's watch, don't you? Don't worry, I'll remind you daily if you suffer a Biden memory lapse, forgetting Zero's warning, "don't underestimate Joe's ablilty to f*** things up.".

Thankfully, in spite of Biden's incompetence, President Trump has set him up to for success in dealing with the disease by restocking piling PPE, ventilators, and pushing the vaccine development through in record time. He's leaving Dementia Joe in much better shape than Zero and Joe left him in dealing with the pandemic.


Excellent post Bishopsboy, my Royal Zambian Brother. I agree with you 100%.


Thank you, my royal brother.


Prod, looks like you and bb are wanting to start another, as LVW says, CJ with just the two of you. Carry on!!


Dearest Traitor, don't smear LVW's good name by including it in your posts. LVW may be playing on the wrong team but he's not a liar or traitor to our Country like you are.


While I think your prescription is admirable, Mr. Poplar, I do not think it will withstand the reality of our times. For something to “heal” it must be a discrete entity. America is no longer a discrete entity having a common heritage, nor is it any longer a “nation” in the sense of a People – instead it is a conglomeration of groups and Peoples with disparate loyalties, cultures and animosities. This did not happen by accident, nor was it a benign effort.

An aside: I read today where economist, author, and professor, Walter Williams has died. Western Man has lost a good son.

James Poplar

Donald, thank you for the kind words and unfortunately i tend to agree with you -- the days of the American melting pot are probably gone forever as we no longer share a common identity and culture as groups seek to identify as Black Americans, Gay Americans, etc. etc. vice simply i am an American. Concur this did not happen by accident, nor was it a benign effort. Thank you for your input Sir ! And yes Walter Williams was a GREAT American -- he shall be missed.


So the far left is kind of like the far right, is that the point here? Profound. Biden hasn't even been sworn in yet and already he is getting hit by pot shots from the author.

'The radical left continues to be egged on by the mainstream Democratic Party and thus given “top cover.”'

So, kind of like the radical right for the past four years?



It wasn't the "radical right" looting, torching cities and putting hits on cops the last few months.


But it was the Democratic Party leadership condemning this violence at every turn. The GOP has been riding the wave of radical right wing energy for 10 years.

We should be in agreement that the radical elements of our political spectrum should be relegated to the fringes where they belong.


Ok, that's funny.


Wingnut humor is legendary... and largely non-existent.


I don't see antifa types wearing Biden hats. I do see racist extremists wearing MAGA hats. And Trump doesn't like "alienating" anybody that supports him.


Great letter Mr. Popular. At this point, from my experience, I don’t think you will get a healthy conversation from most left leaning people.


I question the DNR's judgment in printing Mr. Poplar's fevered rantings. As I recall, much of the rioting during the summer grew out of protests against police actions in the death of George Floyd. There may have been a few epithets thrown at Mr. Trump during the protests, but the main focus was actions taken by police officers against African-Americans. Mr. Poplar may be raising up some left-wing targets to distract from Mr. Trump's egregiously false assertions about the recent election. He may end up provoking the violence he pretends to deplore.

James Poplar

Ms, Sheridan, I beg to differ all of the instances i have cited are factual and can be cited, they are not "fevered rantings." This has nothing to do with Mr. Trump's assertions about the recent elections lets not try to deflect and focus ion the the issue at hand . As i stated The key to repairing our nation is not force or coercion, but heathy dialogue to settle our differences like intelligent adults.


JP - You have the right idea in casting the far left back to the radical fringes of the political spectrum where they belong. A mature conversation can occur when the same thing happens on the far right. Yes the instances you have listed are documented, but so are Heather Heyer, George Floyd, Kyle Rittenhouse, “good people on both sides,” the muslim ban, the Proud Boys, and child/parent separations among others.

Then let’s start a good honest policy discussion about governance. It would be good to know what the Republican Party would like to accomplish or what positions they deem important in dealing with problems facing our country by formulating a party platform. It’s not a strong negotiating position to simply say, “We like and support Mr. Trump and are quite happy to follow his lead.”

To you, JP, and the Republican Party, I’d simply say heal thyself, then let the discussion begin.


Good ... IF Biden does squat at 1600, his life and all off DC needs to be made a living he** each and every day.

Care to opine about this comment?


Newshound, on Jan 20,2020 Biden will "Squat" at the White House and Con Don will have to leave!!


I wouldn’t leave ... who would make me? Chuck or Nancy?

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