Our delegate, Tony Wilt, has voted to tax the citizens along the Interstate 81 corridor to supposedly “fix” the congestion and accident issues there. I question why he voted this way. Many people who live along that corridor are people including senior citizens who don’t even use I-81. Why should we pay for this? Some say that widening the interstate will only be a temporary fix. Some say more surveillance and lower speed limits would be more effective.

Tolls would have been a more fair solution in that people who use the interstate (many of them truckers) would pay for the issues that “they” create. I hope this had nothing to do with the fact that the Wilt family own Superior Concrete here and have 30 mixer trucks. I truly hope that had nothing to do with his decision. That would be a shame.

Steve Eckard


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Mike Muterspaugh

I travel I-81 a lot. And I can honestly say that I have never noticed a Superior Concrete Truck on the road. Actually, I don't recall seeing hardly any concrete trucks using I-81. But I'm sure some do. Tolls are problematic. You have the large cost to building them; and you just can't put them at the start and finish of the road. They have to be built at strategic points or people will just circumvent them. And don't forget they have to manned with workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Salaries, workers compensation and other benefits. And then the monies have to be collected and deposited and accounted for. Will you collect enough add'l monies to be financial viable? I do not know. It's the long haul truckers that will figure out how to avoid the gas tax. They will just adjust their refueling to be at truck stops outside of the "extra tax" zone. It will be local truckers (like Superior Concrete), and private passenger vehs. that will bear the financial burden of the tax. Also, there should be some state agency (or watchdog group) that is responsible to make public how much add'l taxes are being collected and make sure the the extra monies are actually being used on I-81 or it will be frittered away like current gas taxes.


I got news for this guy, not only is he paying higher taxes on his own fuel, he's also going to be paying for the higher taxes on the truckers fuel in the form of higher costs on the goods they deliver. It doesn't matter how the government levies the tax, the consumer pays it, whether they realize it or not. The cheap shot at Wilt lends him no credence.


Why not put a toll booth on either end of the Va. at the state line and let out of staters pay the brunt of the fix? Virginians aren't the only people using 81 and trucks are causing the biggest problem through the state!


Agree, if these are the only toll booths on I81 it would make sense. Higher gas taxes and higher EV taxes would help but the money would have to be used for 81. Seems like there is always money to widen interstates elsewhere but in the valley.


Cars and trucks would take US 11 near the border, then hop on I-81.


I'm sure many would try that but that could be remedied!


Superior Concrete pays taxes on their fuel, too. I don't suspect anyone wants to pay more in taxes, but as long as they don't make us pay for that debacle in DC called 495, I'll contribute to I-81 improvements. If nothing else, improvements to 81 will hopefully keep traffic from backing up on secondary roads.


I don't like higher fuel taxes either but I suspect that the process of improving the Interstate expeditiously requires them. Maybe tolls will become part of the process at a later time. And don't you think Superior Concrete trucks will shoulder the same tax increase as every other vehicle purchasing fuel in affected counties?

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