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When told to wear face masks two COVID-plagued winters ago, we thought: “Can’t wait until this is over and we no longer have to wear a piece of cloth over our mouth and nose. It’s ugly. It interferes with breathing. It muffles voices and makes some conversations hard to follow.” Read more

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Joe Biden didn't just campaign as a moderate. He signaled again and again that he would be an affable placeholder president who'd clean up the messes created by his opponent, mend some fences with allies and get the pandemic under control. Read more

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We grew up knowing our parents would punish us if we did something wrong. If it involved lying or picking on a playmate, we'd have to apologize for it. So, how about applying the same notion to Big Tech and Big Media? Read more

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Competition brings out the best and worst in sports and in business. But how we compete is just as important as the outcome — in fact, likely more so. The ends do not justify the means. In the grand scheme, the means are the ends. Read more

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A U.S. House special election in Louisiana just delivered victory to another Democratic moderate. Troy Carter defeated Karen Carter Peterson, who ran well to his left. Both candidates are state senators. Both are Black. The congressional district, weirdly drawn to connect urban New Orleans w… Read more

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Nothing is more vital to serious thinking than the ability to make distinctions between superficially similar things. The gas pedal and the brake pedal look awfully similar, but if you can't distinguish between them, good luck getting out of the driveway safely. Read more

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Finland is the world’s happiest country — fourth year in a row! So says the World Happiness Report, produced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The United States ranks 14th, right behind Ireland and ahead of Canada. Read more

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When you don’t have the time or the wherewithal to do your own research, it’s important to identify a real expert and trust what he or she has to say on the matter. Read more

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Leading a team from where they are to where they have the potential of being often represents one of the most exciting journeys for the organizational leader. Reaching the finish line of a process like that is rarely easy. Leadership is most assuredly about timing and a little bit of luck. S… Read more

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