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Soon the Supreme Court will decide whether Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, as implemented by President Obama through executive action, must be reinstated. Americans who care about preserving the rule of law must put aside their positions on the policy itself, and pray that the Court … Read more

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The (mostly) charming family movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” is about a divorced father living alone in his posh Manhattan digs. Unexpectedly, he receives two boxes of penguins, and chaos ensues. But the 2011 film has a not-very-subtle subtheme: the prominence of future President Donald Trump … Read more

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When an obviously humane and demonstrably popular policy is implemented by a seriously flawed process, the Supreme Court must do its counter-majoritarian duty. It must insist that not even an admirable social end, supported by a national majority, justifies constitutionally dubious means. Th… Read more

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Rep. Katie Hill didn’t have to resign, but she did. She had not been found guilty of sexual impropriety, although the House Ethics Committee had launched a formal investigation into whether the married California representative had engaged in an affair with a congressional staffer. Read more

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In the 1990s I lived and had a dental practice in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. A dentist who was a friend asked me to join our local dental association. My friend was looking for Republican voting dentist to work on the Maryland dental association’s political action committee (MADP… Read more

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The Big Question of religious liberty in our time has yet to be answered by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s a question that tests the Court’s commitment to protecting individual rights against a majority intent upon trampling them. Read more

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Are you worried that the economy grew by only 1.9% in the recent quarter? That’s a pretty weak performance. But it would seem downright dismal if you believed Donald Trump’s assertion during the 2016 campaign that 1.9% growth during one of Barack Obama’s quarters signaled an economy “in deep… Read more

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The Democratic primary campaign started in January, but it already feels as if it began in the late Jurassic period, and the first votes are still three months away. Read more

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As odd as it might seem, suicide used to be against the law in the United States. How in the world could you punish a dead person for taking that final, fatal act? Still, some states continue to have laws on the books labeling attempted suicide as a criminal act, although prosecutions have b… Read more

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For months I’ve felt it. My frustration grows each time I wade through the day’s news, looking to learn about the critical policy discussions going on in our nation’s Capitol. Time and again, what I find instead are a gutful of stories about political intrigue and scandal. Most recently, of … Read more

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As a leader, one of your greatest assets is the morale of your team. How you wield your influence can profoundly affect the culture of your organization. The more intentional and consistent you are in building the culture, the greater the benefits you will see from your leadership. That’s wh… Read more

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The 1994 funeral of former Speaker of the House Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill was truly memorable. To the same North Cambridge, Massachusetts, church, St. John the Evangelist -- where O'Neill was baptized as an infant and had married his beloved Millie -- came two former U.S. presidents, George H.… Read more

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There are political moments, and this might be one, in which worse is better. Moments, that is, when a society’s per capita quantity of conspicuous stupidity is so high and public manners are so low that a critical mass of people are jolted into saying “enough, already.” Looking on the brigh… Read more

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“Idiotic Environmental Predictions,” Oct. 14, contends that since overly ambitious historical forecasts have missed the mark relating to climate impacts, fighting global warming is a waste of time and money. Such illustrations of imperfect predictions are often used by skeptics to undermine … Read more

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It’s Washington’s new favorite Latin phrase: quid pro quo. On Capitol Hill, Democrats seeking to impeach the president are trying to prove that he engaged in a quid pro quo (“this for that”) with U.S. aid to Ukraine. The president has insisted “there was no quid pro quo.” But then last week,… Read more

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