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With the totalitarians' talent for invective and the Leninist faith that "history" has a Marxist mind of its own, a Beijing-run "news" agency dismissed Taiwan's presidential election results as "a temporary fluke" and "bubbles left behind by the tides of history." Actually, this election, ju… Read more

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Retired Marine Corps Gen. Jim Mattis, the former secretary of defense and an exceptionally well-read warrior, has said, "Throughout history, we see nations with allies thrive, and nations without allies wither." Read more

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One thing Canadians tend to be is sensible. And so it is surprising how many would consider making Prince Harry and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, king and queen of Canada. Harry is a beneficiary of the lucky sperm club, and Meghan was TV actress from Los Angeles. Do Canadians really wa… Read more

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If you want to be a celebrity who stands out in a crowd of celebrities, the formula is simple. Express a view that is contrary to any one of the political Left’s pet issues. Then, when you are demonized (when; not if), don’t flinch. Read more

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Recent articles in the Daily News-Record addressed the validity of what is popularly called; “white privilege.” White privilege is defined as inherent advantages of a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial intolerance and injustice. As defined by Francis… Read more

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Throughout this unsettling conflict with Iran, Joe Biden has stood out as a calming Democratic voice, speaking of the stakes and challenges with deep knowledge of foreign policy. Just another reason for activists on the left backing Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to lose their minds. Read more

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As leaders on both sides of the latest Middle East crisis strut and fret during their hour upon the stage, one wonders when humankind will recognize that the dominant-male model has run its course. Read more

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Is anyone here old enough to remember the urgent warning issued in a speech to the National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in August 2002 by an American vice president who had artfully avoided the military draft during wartime? Dick Cheney, after acknowledging he was convinced th… Read more

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Remember the last time that you were part of a team assigned to create a deliverable? Whether it was weeks ago on the job or years ago at school, what stood out to you? Chances are that you had a bad experience. Most people recall those projects as disasters: no one really understood what th… Read more

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As 2020 dawns, many of us are tempted to fear for our nation’s future. Our politics are bitter. We have the highest rate of children living with single parents. We fear violence in our schools, shopping malls, and places of business. Our entertainment is filled with immoral sex, graphically … Read more

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Although I qualify for the senior discount at the movies, even I'm not old enough to have met Heraclitus, the wise Greek who lived some 25 centuries ago and whom we can thank for the timeless wisdom "Character is destiny." Read more

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I never got the point of a vegan diet. I dislike its cultish mindset. And I regard New Year's resolutions as prelude to failure. That gives Veganuary three strikes and an out as an obsession to commandeer my January. Read more

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As we near the end of this decade, it is a good time to reflect on where we stand at this moment in history. It's not really standard cheerful holiday fare, but here goes. Read more

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Several weeks ago, a mentor and close friend asked me a relatively pointed question. He said, “As 2019 comes to an end, what do you consider your signature leadership accomplishment of the decade?” The question caught me off guard, in a really positive way, and I was surprised that no immedi… Read more

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In an Open Forum (“Trump Supporters Are Getting What We Want,” Nov. 19) Michael Fortson makes the statement that Trump is not corrupt, afraid, stupid or a hypocrite. This is laughably, ludicrously wrong. Trump University was found to be largely fraudulent and Trump had to pay $25 million in … Read more

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