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The Democratic Party is often called the party of government ideologically, this is so obviously true it’s not worth belaboring. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. We have a federal government for a reason, and there are things it should do. Reasonable people can debate what those t… Read more

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At age 11, Britney Spears played the wholesome American girl on "The All New Mickey Mouse Club." A few years later, she was on concert stages surrounded by big teddy bears as she bumped, grinded and moaned. There was also a pole dance. Read more

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We can all appreciate that our state governments want to protect us from COVID-19. Protecting the people is a core duty of government. But it doesn’t come with unbridled power. And it is up to us, as self-governing citizens, to call out state officials who abuse this authority. As Benjamin F… Read more

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Just when you thought our so-called "cancel culture" couldn't get any more ridiculous, the calibrators of literary justice have surpassed themselves recently by targeting The Bard himself as just another racist, genderist, homophobic fellow. Read more

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Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, signals the start of the season of Lent. No, that’s not when you confront people who haven’t returned stuff they’ve borrowed from you — although that’s not a bad idea. Read more

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In a lifetime of leadership, it’s inevitable that most leaders will find themselves in at least one situation where the organization or project they are leading needs a cultural shift. Acknowledging this reality is not a disservice to those who led before but rather an acceptance that what c… Read more

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The media’s deep arrogance about the Democrats’ superior standing as the Party of Science and Competent Government when it comes to the coronavirus is personified in Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He has been hailed for many months as a wonderful role model, an inspiring anti-Trump. Somehow, each and ev… Read more

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Watching never-before-seen video of the mob assaulting the U.S. Capitol presented by the House impeachment managers was infuriating. For the first time, Americans saw surveillance footage that showed just how close the rioters got to senators, congressmen and Vice President Mike Pence. But w… Read more

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Valentine’s Day has pulsated around again, dear hearts, which means, among other things, that your Stupid Cupid is digging deep into his quixotic quiver of unabashedly romantic selections and firing little arrows of my all-time top 10 favorite love songs at unsuspecting fellow idealists. Her… Read more

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