"If you want to leave, take good care, hope you make a lot of nice friends out there." -- from "Wild World" by Cat Stevens

This is for those of you who've chosen to quit your jobs rather than submit to a vaccine mandate.

No telling how many of you there actually are, but lately, you're all over the news. Just last week, a nearly 30-year veteran of the San Jose Police Department surrendered his badge rather than comply with the city's requirement that all employees be inoculated against COVID-19. He joins an Army lieutenant colonel, some airline employees, a Major League Baseball executive, the choral director of the San Francisco Symphony, workers at the tax collector's office in Orange County, Florida, and, incredibly, dozens of health care professionals.

Well, on behalf of the rest of us, the ones who miss concerts, restaurants and other people's faces, the ones who are sick and tired of living in pandemic times, here's a word of response to you quitters: Goodbye.

And here's two more: Good riddance.

Not to minimize any of this. A few weeks ago, a hospital in upstate New York announced it would have to "pause" delivering babies because of resignations among its maternity staff. So the threat of difficult ramifications is certainly real. But on the plus side, your quitting goes a long way toward purging us of the gullible, the conspiracy-addled, the logic-impaired and the stubbornly ignorant. And that's not nothing.

We've been down this road before. Whenever faced with some mandate imposed in the interest of the common good, some of us act like they just woke up on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. "There's no freedom no more," whined one man in video that recently aired on "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah." The clip was from the 1980s, and the guy had just gotten a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.

It's an unfortunately common refrain. Can't smoke in a movie theater? Can't crank your music to headache decibels at 2 in the morning? Can't post the Ten Commandments in a courtroom? "There's no freedom no more." Some of you seem to think freedom means no one can be compelled to do, or refrain from doing, anything. But that's not freedom, it's anarchy.

Usually, the rest of us don't agonize over your intransigence. Often it has no direct impact on us. The guy in "The Daily Show" clip was only demanding the right to skid across a highway on his face, after all. But now you claim the right to risk the health care system and our personal lives.

So if you're angry, guess what? You're not the only ones.

The difference is, your anger is dumb, and ours is not. Yours is about being coerced to do something you don't want to do. Like that's new. Like you're not already required to get vaccinated to start school or travel to other countries. For that matter, you're also required to mow your lawn, cover your hindparts and, yes, wear a seat belt. So you're mad at government and your job for doing what they've always done.

But the rest of us, we're mad at you. Because this thing could have been over by now, and you're the reason it isn't.

That's why we were glad President Biden stopped asking nicely, started requiring vaccinations everywhere he had power to do so. We were also glad when employers followed suit. And if that's a problem for you, then, yes, goodbye, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, adios and adieu. We'll miss you, to be sure. But you're asking us to choose between your petulance and our lives.

And that's really no choice at all.

Tribune Content Agency, 2021.

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A proud graduate of the make room for them theory of education.How was he spared from the mass abortion rate of black babies?


Leonard is a first class idiot....and continues to be used by the Democrat party just like his ancestors were. Bow down Leonard to the party that has kept minorities slaves by keeping them in housing projects, feeding them drugs, and making sure their education levels never get above 3rd grade. Don't be surprised if the vaccinated start having all kinds of health issues a few years from now!


And if everyone just got their shot we'd be over all of this already?? Please furnish proof of such a statement and name some other countries on the planet that are 100% vaccinated and have no more cases of COVID. What needs to go away and not be missed is Leonard's column.


proof? from a liberal? I admire your optimism!


Succinctly put.



Clown Leonard also requests that we all stop eating pizza and ice cream because he believes this will help him stop getting fatter. Clown Leonard would also like your wives to all get on birth control because he believes this will help his wife not get pregnant. Clown Leonard also has no problem with 12,000 *unvaccinated, untested* Hatians being bussed into our cities and dropped off with $2,400 in taxpayer cash and a hotel room key. Clown Leonard also has no problem with Afghan immigrant children being allowed to attend public schools with no masks on while American children in the same classroom are forced, by law, to wear masks. Clown Leonard also believes the unvaccinated need to be vaccinated to protect....wait for it.....the vaccinated. Yet he still won't admit the truth that the vaccine does nothing, absolutely nothing, to prevent one from catching or transmitting Covid, or getting sick from and dying from Covid. In the last few days a fully vaccinated sports reporter and a fully vaccinated nurse both died of Covid. How can this be if the vaccine works? Did it work for them? Doesn't sound like it to me. Clown Leonard will step over their corpses, pull down his mask and scream at you that it does work. Silly clown Leonard!


A clown, a bigot, and a holier-than-thou liberal narcissist jacka$$.


Thanks for the laughs Leonard.


I don’t know who writes dumber commentary, Leonard, you or Froma, as apparently both of you are gold medal contenders in the sport. May the best (I.e. dumbest) liberal win…..


I've got a question for you Leonard: You liberals are always yammering about "following the science", and "listening to the professionals", right? Why is it, Leonard, that thousands (not just dozens, as you claim) of healthcare professionals are quitting their jobs rather than submitting to "the jab"? After all, these are folks who have been specifically trained in the field of medicine, right? Furthermore Leonard, if these "vaccines" really work, as yo claim they do, then how, exactly, is the fact that one of your coworkers chooses not to get vaccinated considered a threat to your health and life. After all, if you are "vaccinated", you are protected, right?

Leonard, your party, the Demokkkrat Party, is the party of Satan.


Excellent post, my royal Saudi brother!


Thank you, my Royal Zambian Brother.

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