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The Capitol candlelight vigil for the mob attack on Congress gave way to a Senate showdown on voting rights — a scene straight from the heart of darkness.

Timed for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, it's a showdown Senate Democrats don't know they can win. But they have to try, for a fair field in the upcoming midterms. Plus, it's a great chance for Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who plays Hamlet to the hilt, to choose "to be" with his own party.

President Joe Biden gave a speech in Georgia Tuesday, urging the Senate to change its filibuster rules, if necessary, to restore voting rights. That prospect has Senate Republicans breathing fire.

But the heart of darkness is across the street from the Capitol: the Supreme Court. While the Capitol endured a physical brutal assault, the Court often tears down the walls of democracy from inside.

In 2013, the Court struck down a shiny pearl from the civil rights era: the Voting Rights Act. That's the reason why the Senate is in the crosshairs now. The activist Supreme Court acts in all the wrong ways — with more to come.

Chief Justice John Roberts and other Republicans waged war on a widely praised voting rights law, applied to the South where patterns of racial discrimination persist. The infamous case was brought by Shelby County, Alabama, and brought the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's strongest dissent.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer declared, "Everyone in this chamber will have a chance to go on record ... on defending democracy." Since the Jan. 6 siege, he says, voter suppression laws are on the rise.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, canny and shrewd, says a rule change on the 60-vote filibuster would "break the Senate." Why, heavens above, Democrats want to "federalize elections."

Yes, Mitch. Federal offices should be subject to federal oversight laws, as they were for nearly 50 years. Presidential and congressional elections by right need federal backbone and should not be left to uneven states.

In the darkness of the "big lie" loser former President Donald Trump has spread (that the 2020 election was stolen), the urgency of passing a new Voting Rights Act is here and now. The Supreme Court left democracy with no umbrella in the rain, no winter coat on an arctic day.

Roberts is not even the worst Republican on the high court. Among the three Trump appointees, Brett Kavanaugh himself egged on a "preppie riot" as Florida votes were counted in the deadlocked Bush v. Gore election.

America got by for a cycle or two. The 2020 election was free and fair, by all accounts, with high turnout that looked like nonviolent resistance to me, multitudes standing in long lines. Biden won decisively.

But 19 states have just changed their voting laws and made it harder to register and to vote. Several Republican Trump loyalists are running for secretary of state, the office responsible for vote-counting. This means state electors may be more partisan instead of neutral. In Georgia, it will now be illegal to give water to voters waiting in line.

This is happening in plain view since the attempted murder of a peaceful democracy on Jan. 6, 2021.

The senator with the most at stake is the Rev. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King preached. He's on the ballot again, after an upset win in 2020. In fiery floor speeches, he states nothing matters more in American democracy than protecting the rights of minority voters.

The Supreme Court gave us campaigns with unlimited "dark money," in Citizens United. It restricted a constitutional right to reproductive freedom in Texas. Employer mask mandates are at risk.

Just you wait for the crux: whether the Court will allow the release of Trump's records from during the Jan. 6 siege.

See what I mean? I rest my case.


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I do agree some changes should be made. The following would seem a good start me.

A U.S. citizen may vote if:

They have registered to vote 60 days prior to Election day, having show valid ID and taken and passed a literacy test at the 10th grade level written in English and consisting of a paragraph of at least 30 and no more than 67 words,


They have attained the age of 25 on or before Election day,


Are not a convict currently serving a sentence or on probation,


They have been gainfully employed 2 of the last 3 years prior to Election day (For the purpose of voting criteria a spouse running and maintaining a household would be considered gainfully employed).

I do acknowledge that it is a pretty loose set of criteria for voting, but it is a corrective start.



I think it is evident voting does not necessarily result in socially good outcomes unless “voters” are kept on a very short leash and they in turn keep the reprobates they put into office on a very short leash. That has not been the case for a very long time and the results are evident.

One visual of post-America -- just in case you may be wondering where that Amazon package is you ordered two weeks ago. Remember, vote early and vote often:


Goodness. When one sees this amount of hysteria coming from DNC pundits it becomes obvious that they are freaking out over their wing of the Party’s 2022 prospects. They need to take a deep breath before they do themselves a mischief.[innocent]


Might I suggest that just as the phrase “Our democracy” has become code for “Our agenda”, so to has the phrase “Voting rights” become code for “Citizenship devaluation”?


There is no such thing as a “minority voter” in the 21st Century. Any legal resident can register to vote regardless of skin tint. And all reasons given for NOT getting a government ID are completely bogus and a load of manure. The biggest obstacle to efficient and ethical voting are black bigots like Stacey Abrams, the fraud Rev. Sharpton, and so many other radical blowbags too numerous and not worthy enough to mention.

Biden and his looney surrogates live to play the race card because they actually do not respect African-Americans!


19 states made it harder to register.....hahahaha what baloney! If Democrats can't push false b.s. they have nothing, they can't even write a simple article without lying in every paragraph![spam]


She has the “3 uns” … unprofessional, unethical and unintelligent!


Liars gotta lie...


the "voter suppression" claim has as much validity as the "global warming" claim. And to use some dem/lib/prog/soc logic, if there is some voter suppression, it is so widespread and sparse that it makes no the ballot stuffing and stealing the dems/libs/progs/socs did during the last presidential election.






Ahhh yes. Demokkkrat Venom.

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